Before You Visit


What Does Pisacano Eye Offer Their Patients?

Pisacano Eye offers the very latest approaches to eye care, including Wavefront LASIK vision correction, premium intraocular lens implantation cataract surgery, laser procedures for glaucoma and diabetes, and treatment for dry eyes. Pisacano Eye makes available the same technological diagnostic and therapeutic modalities currently offered at teaching hospitals in their own, personalized, state-of-the-art facility.
Included among the precision eye-care diagnostic tools currently used at Pisacano Eye are Zeiss IOL Master lens implant determination and Zeiss Humphrey Atlas corneal topography, autolensometry, autorefraction, applanation tonometry, gonioscopy, indirect and direct ophthalmoscopy, pachymetry.

Additionally, we offer Humphrey full threshold visual field testing, Canon digital non-mydriatic fundus photography, Zeiss Cirrus Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography, and Sonomed A-scan and B-scan ultrasonography, Pisacano Eye features the use of a Zeiss Meditec diode laser for focal and
panretinal photocoagulation of diabetic retinopathy, iridoplasty and Laser Trabeculoplasty for glaucoma and for focal retinopexy to seal retinal holes or tears. Their Lumenis SLT laser is used for Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty for open angle glaucoma without thermal side effects. Additionally, a Zeiss YAG laser is used for capsulotomy of capsule haze following cataract surgery and peripheral iridotomy for narrow angle glaucoma.
Hundreds of thousands of patients in the Bronx can attest to the quality, expertise, and care received from the physicians at Pisacano Eye.

Why Should You Recommend Pisacano Eye?

Recommending a colleague says as much about you and your work as it does about the consulting physician. When you refer patients to Drs. Michael and Anthony Pisacano, you are telling your patients that you want them to receive the best medical care available to them. You see them the same way that Pisacano Eye sees their patients — as unique individuals who deserve the very best. Giving your patients access to the finest level of personalized medical care shows your patients how important they are to you.

The doctors, nurses, and staff at Pisacano Eye put the needs and concerns of their patients first. They understand that when a patient comes to them for their specialized services, they want to see the doctor as quickly as possible. Pisacano Eye addresses these challenges and aims to schedule appointments as quickly as they can. The doctors and staff at Pisacano Eye try their very best to minimize any wait, and are respectful of their patients’ time and needs

As you know, practicing good medicine is an art as well as a service. Did you know that everyone eventually develops cataracts, but not everyone needs cataract surgery? Careful evaluation of patient symptoms and lifestyle-needs are key factors in determining the timing of cataract surgery and the type of implant. Similarly, treatment of glaucoma is more than simply lowering the pressure to less than 20. Knowing when to prescribe multiple drops, perform laser treatment, or filtering surgery depends on intelligent consideration of multiple risk factors. Consultations with Drs. Pisacano will give your patients the knowledge and perspective to follow a treatment plan that is best for their individual needs. Drs. Pisacano offer a combined forty-year’s experience, including 40,000 expert cataract surgeries and laser procedures with up-to-the-minute knowledge and technology.

Does Pisacano Eye Sell Glasses?

No. We enjoy a cordial professional relationship with most of the optometrists and optical shops in the Bronx. We welcome the opportunity to provide consultations and we endeavor to do so with the utmost respect for the referring doctor. We will always instruct patients to return to their referring eye care provider for eyeglasses.

Who Should Visit Pisacano Eye?

The doctors and staff at Pisacano Eye put the needs and concerns of their patients first. We understand that when you come to us for our specialized services, you want to see the doctor as quickly as possible. We appreciate your urgency and aim to schedule appointments as quickly as we can. Once you arrive at our office, we try our best to minimize your wait, being respectful of your time.

What to Expect When Visiting

At Pisacano Eye, our patients and their needs have always been our first priority. We know that every patient has their own needs and individualized care. Dr. Michael Pisacano and Dr. Anthony Pisacano treat every patient as an individual, not a number. When you become a patient of ours, you will receive specialized treatment for your specific eye care needs from the most experienced, knowledgeable physicians using the latest state-of-the-art ophthalmic surgery and laser technology and procedures. You deserve only the highest quality vision treatment! With over 40,000 successful eye surgeries performed, Dr. Michael Pisacano and Dr. Anthony Pisacano are experts in restoring clearer vision to each patient while treating them like family. Contact us today for more information on how we here at Pisacano Eye can help you see better than ever before!